Hybrid Interfaces for Poster Interaction


Our investigations on AR gaming at public posters and information browsing indicate that AR interfaces can be of value for interacting with print media in public spaces. Still there are circumstances when this interaction is inhibited or alternative interfaces might be more suitable.

Based on these observations we created a hybrid interface for information access at
public posters in a user centered design process. It combines the advantages of both AR
and static peephole interaction. The design was informed by a user survey about
information access at public posters. The survey results showed the opportunistic nature
of information access at public posters and highlighted the need for enabling a continuous
user experience even when users (have to) leave the poster. Our design process resulted
in three design recommendations that were applied when we implemented and evaluated
two prototypical implementations. The final recommendations for designing hybrid AR
interfaces for poster interaction are:

  1. Allow users to explore information while away from the augmented media. To support this preserve the frame of reference of the printed media.
  2. If you employ complex 3D scenes think carefully what kind of interactions you want to support in an alternative view. Favor ease of navigation over complete navigability of the scene
  3. Minimize cognitive effort when transitioning between interaction spaces



  • Jens Grubert, Raphaël Grasset, and Gerhard Reitmayr. Exploring the Design of Hybrid Interfaces for Augmented Posters in Public Spaces. In Proceedings of the 7th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (NordiCHI 2012). October 14-17, 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark (pp. 28-36).
    pdf | slides (modified for online use) | video
  • Jens Grubert, Robert Gründler, Lyndon Nixon and Gerhard Reitmayr. Annotate That: Preparing Event Posters for Augmentation. In ISMAR 2012 2nd Workshop on Authoring Solutions for Augmented Reality, October 26th, 2011, Basel, Switzerland.



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