HOT: Hands On Table


Around device interaction allows extending the input and output space of mobile devices beyond their physical boundaries. Using affordances of physical objects around mobile devices can create new user experiences which go beyond established touch screen or mid-air interaction. Imagine putting your smartphone on a table and spontaneously using the table as input device. For example, the edges of the table could be repurposed as physical sliders or table regions around the smartphone could be used to quickly access documents and apps utilizing proprioceptive memory.

If you are interested in the project you should:

  • Investigate how to combine or extend existing hand tracking algorithms for monocular cameras
    • with physical constraints (e.g., hands will be above a planar surface)
    • and with mobile sensors (e.g., instrument on-board sensors of the smartphone on the table)
  • Think about interaction ideas to appropriate phyiscal surface input for interaction with digital content on smartphones or tablets
  • Implement a prototypical mobile application

Ideally, you have:

  • a strong background in computer vision
  • a background in mobile application programming
  • motivation to work focused on the project

We will support you with:

  • dedicated and close supervision
  • access to all necessary hardware and software

This project can be adapted for master projects and master theses.


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