Mobile On and Around the Body Display Interaction

The develoess01-squarepment of displays on and around the body such as the Apple Watch, Google Glass or phablets enables users to interact on the go. We have built a prototype to explore how to overcome the seams of mobile interaction with widgets distributed over multiple mobile devices. As the prototypes relies on outside-in tracking as used for motion capture it is currently limited to laboratory environments.


Your task is to replace this external optical tracking system with a local orientation sensor-based tracking system to enable interaction on the go.



If you are interested in the project you should:

  • investigate sensor placements on the body: where to put a reference sensor (e.g., smartphone in short pocket, sensor necklace)?
  • evaluate accuracy and precision of 3D tracking data using mobile sensors
  • study strategies for correction and re-initialization of sensors
  • propose adapted interaction techniques for varying accuracy and precision levels

Ideally, you have:

  • a strong background in signal processing
  • a background in mobile application programming
  • motivation to work focused on the project

We will support you with:

  • dedicated and close supervision
  • access to all necessary hardware and software

This project can be adapted for master projects and master theses.


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