Web-based Toolkit for On and Around the Body Display Interaction

The development of displays on and around the body such as the Apple Watch, Google Glass or phablets enables users to interact on the go. We have built a prototype to explore how to overcome the seams of mobile interaction with widgets distributed over multiple mobile devices.



Your task is to extend an existing codebase to make a web-based toolkit accessible to developers. Ideally, a developer should have access to a convenient API and WYSIWYG editor for building applications for on and around cross display interaction using Web-based technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript.


If you are interested in the project you should:

  • Investigate the existing examples and codebase to derive common abstraction schemes
  • make a proposal for an API for cross device interaction with common GUI widgets
  • built an WYSIWYG editor to preview appearance and input of widgets on different mobile displays

Ideally, you have:

  • a strong background in software engineering and Web-based development
  • a background in mobile application programming, computer graphics and computer vision
  • motivation to work focused on the project

We will support you with:

  • dedicated and close supervision
  • access to all necessary hardware and software

This project can be adapted for master projects, master theses and bachelor theses.


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